Making new Kaomoji themes (8)

1 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-08-13 04:57 ID:+myew4Ux [Del]

Why not? There has to be at least one web design geek here.

If I get around to it* I may try making a theme or two for our little community.

2 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-08-13 06:58 ID:bzWqoo2s [Del]

Having a few of our own themes would be great, either similar to the ones on the imageboard or something completely different.
A frame view could also be done, although I personally dislike them and don't see the point for such a small set of boards.

A consummate Perl hacker might want to try his hand at generating a 'Recent Posts' window for the index page, a suggested feature similar to what the main site has already.

The site also could use a new favicon, if anyone fancys that.

3 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-08-15 09:17 ID:ymck8mgH [Del]



4 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-09-29 06:30 ID:bzWqoo2s [Del]

A few new Pseud0ch variants were just added, with bigger margins and some more backgrounds. I find them pleasant to look at and they aren't too difficult make.
It also turns out there's zero difference between the stock Buun and VIPPER themes, so the former was canned.
Still waiting for >>1's arrival.

5 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-12-06 17:04 ID:A5fwmm3Q [Del]

>There has to be at least one web design geek here.

I'm a web design geek! Unfortunately, I'm not very good at it though... :(

6 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-12-06 20:51 ID:bzWqoo2s [Del]

Go ahead and try! CSS isn't hard, the Giko theme is easily my favourite. There's probably also some old, forgotten themes out there somewhere, if you want to do some archaeology...

Also, having banners would be cool. Not too many, just one for each board. We need to spice this place up a bit!

7 Post deleted by user.

8 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-12-07 16:46 ID:Bp9TtAH8 [Del]

Yeah your right! I've messed with CSS before for my site, but only recently have I been really getting more and more comfortable with it. I've actually been doing way better than I have before! Maybe I'm just underminding myself

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1 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-11-27 05:48 ID:c5fh+HLy [Del]

Post your ENTERPRISE QUALITY code snippets. Java, PHP, Perl, SQL, COBOL, etc.

import java.util.*;

public class OverUnder
public static void
main(String[] args)
Random r = new Random();
Scanner s = new Scanner(;
char g, c;
int i, h=999;

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what are you working on (6)

1 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-08-07 03:03 ID:i2lNJeWe [Del]

post your current projects / interests :)

2 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-08-07 18:30 ID:KpwWxmzE [Del]

Not that long ago I wrote a Sexp-to-HTML translator, since I was dissatisfied with the complexity of the existing ones.

(defun sexp->html (sexp &optional (stream *standard-output*))
(flet ((opening (tag)
(when (atom tag) (setq tag (list tag)))
(format stream "<~A~{ ~A=\"~A\"~}>" (car tag) (cdr tag)))
(closing (tag)
(when (atom tag) (setq tag (list tag)))
(format stream "</~A>" (car tag))))
(when sexp
(opening (car sexp))
(mapcar (lambda (elem)
(if (atom elem)
(format stream "~A" elem)
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3 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-08-09 21:13 ID:KpwWxmzE [Del]

>>2 Update:

(when sexp
(opening (car sexp))
(when (cdr sexp)
(mapcar (lambda (elem)
(if (atom elem)
(format stream "~A" elem)
(sexp->html elem stream))) (cdr sexp))
(closing (car sexp)))

Now it handles single tags, and I'm not sure why I didn't think of this earlier.

4 Name: odalf : 2023-08-10 22:40 ID:ANTMVANt [Del]

Interested in a 2D rpg with more textual interface to interaction with npcs.
Menu structure was a step back from Ultima 4 (1981) which allowed text chat with npcs.

5 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-08-11 04:21 ID:3wd90w7Z [Del]

6520 (eventually NES hopefully) emulator in Haskell. I want to do it so I can eventually make a blog post describing the process and how Haskell makes things more declarative. For the cycle accuracy, I plab ( ;) ) to use a coroutine monad to pause the instructions (e.g. LDA) at the cycle points. Eventually would like to use an indexed monad to ensure that it's impossible for it to get into an incorrect state, but that's waaaaaaaaaaay off in the future. It also uses lenses which make modelling the instructions really declarative; they are parametrized on the addressing mode:
mkAND :: Lens' ProcessorState Word8 -> (ProcessorState -> ProcessorState)
mkAND addrMode s =
s & aReg .~ r

  & flags . zFlag .~ (r == 0)
& flags . nFlag .~ (r `testBit` 7)

where a = s ^. aReg

    m = s ^. addrMode
r = a .&. m
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6 Name: Expert Programmer : 2023-09-18 08:25 ID:KpwWxmzE [Del]

An underrated component of Common Lisp is its dynamic type system. I wrote these types to ease writing more complex ones, and came up with some interesting results.

(deftype satisfiesp (function)
(let (predicate)
(cond ((symbolp function)
(setq predicate function))
((functionp function)
(setq predicate (gensym))
(setf (symbol-function predicate) function))
((and (consp function) (eq (car function) 'lambda))
(setq predicate (gensym))
(compile predicate function))
(t (error "~S is neither a lambda expression, function or symbol." function)))
`(satisfies ,predicate)))
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